Webinar Series: Social Media Marketing 101

In August and September Master Plumbers Australia and New Zealand and Chantal Gerardy, Facebook Strategist hosted a free webinar series about creating, managing and growing your social media presence for your plumbing business as part of our Digital Champions Program.

Session 1 – Setting up your profile

Everything you need to know about setting up your business profile correctly; even if you already have a page set up, you will find this helpful. We’ll cover your privacy settings including how to protect your personal details, how to advertise your services and showcase your credibility and expertise. 

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Session 2 – Managing Your Social Media Presence

Now that you’ve got a page set up, what do you put on it? How often do you upload? How can you manage your page without hiring someone to manage it full time? We’ll cover creating content, key messaging, using templates, making sure you have consistent branding and social proof.

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Session 3 – Growing Your Following

Now that you’ve got a page set up and you know what content you’re uploading, how do you grow your following? How much do you need to spend on ads? We’ll cover getting ready for ads, using your Facebook page as a networking tool and making the most of Facebook groups.

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Need some more assistance? You can chat with the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) Digital Solutions providers. ASBAS Digital Solutions provides small business with low cost, high quality advice on a range of digital solutions to help them meet their business needs and grow their digital capabilities. To find out more visit – https://www.business.gov.au/expertise-and-advice/australian-small-business-advisory-services-asbas