Webinar: Maximising Your Technology for Remote Success

On Thursday 18 June Master Plumbers Australia and New Zealand and Tiffany English from Modus Operandi hosted a free webinar about maximising your technology while staff are working remotely as part of our Digital Champions Program.

Your job management software is difficult to manage when everyone’s in the same room, so what now? Working remotely is no longer foreign and likely a thing to stay, so how do you maximise your systems?

Does your team feel empowered? Are your technology platforms setting them up for success? The answer is likely no. Maximising technology is one of the most critical success factors in leading a team and remaining top of the pack in terms of customer service.

This webinar is designed to give you the tips and tricks you need to implement change and ensure your technology starts working for you, no matter where your team are. Check out the replay of the webinar below.