Plumbing industry faces flow on effect of COVID-19

An increase in the purchase of bidet products, which can help reduce toilet paper use, has seen the ACCC outline the dangers of individuals trying to install products themselves. Australia's independent consumer authority has reminded consumers these products should be certified through the WaterMark Certification Scheme and installed by a professional plumber. 

  • Toilet paper shortages have led Australian consumers to seek alternative options and in some cases, seen an increase in the purchasing of bidet products.
  • The ACCC has reminded individuals of the importance of following regulations and the potential dangers associated with self-installation of products that connect to drinking supplies.
  • Standards and regulations aim to assist in the protection of plumbers and users of these products, outlining requirements for correct installation to avoid water contamination.

“Standards, regulations and certification aim to assist in the safe installation of bidets and in turn, the prevention of contamination of the drinking water supply of both the users and the community,” said Head of Stakeholder Engagement, Daniel Chidgey.
“It’s great individuals are inspired to start projects and find solutions during this challenging time, however in this instance, it’s important the installation of these types of products are left to plumbing professionals.”
“The WaterMark Certification Scheme ensures that plumbing products are certified to the appropriate product specification, fit for purpose and authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations. These requirements ensure compliance with Australian Standards and assist in ensuring public health and safety through the water and sanitation services in the built environment,” said Executive Director of Plumbing Product Industry Group, Stuart Henry.
The ACCC has recently encouraged consumers wishing to purchase bidets and similar products to check it is marked with the Watermark certification trademark, ensure the product is installed by a licensed plumber, and to contact their state or local or plumbing authority if they have concerns or questions.
“With over 60,000 plumbing professionals across Australia the safety of workers and the correct use of plumbing related products is extremely important. During this time, we encourage individuals to avoid these DIY jobs that interact with the water supply and to also make sure they are only flushing flushable products” said Chairman of the Master Plumbers Australia and New Zealand Limited, Rob Pearshouse.
“The plumbing industry has a huge role in Australian life, and Standards Australia will continue to assist the sector complete its integral work safely and respond to the new COVID-19 environment we have found ourselves in,” concluded Mr. Chidgey.

Article originally published by Standards Australia – https://www.standards.org.au/news/plumbing-industry-faces-flow-on-effect-of-covid-19.