Don’t Put Your Hard Earned Money Down the Drain This Christmas

Property owners are being warned not to fall into the trap of using unlicensed people to conduct plumbing work this Christmas with a new ‘Get to Know Your Local Master Plumber’ video from Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland (MPAQ).

When trying to keep renovation or building costs to the absolute minimum, DIY or handyman work tends to look like a better option over hiring a licensed plumber or gasfitter, but by going down this route you are putting you and your family’s health at risk, as well as facing possible legal and financial implications.

Something that is not widely known by people outside the trade is that undertaking plumbing or gasfitting works without the appropriate licence is actually illegal. And don’t think you won’t get caught; the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) and the Department of Natural Resources and Mines are constantly investigating unlicensed works and are encouraging licensed individuals to notify them when something isn’t right. There are hefty fines for people conducting the work, as well as the people that knowingly contract the work to be done.

President of MPAQ, Kent Vickers urges consumers to ask your plumber and/or gasfitter to produce their licence prior to engaging in any plumbing or gasfitting work.

“By requesting a valid licence from a plumber or gasfitter you are able to check that they are qualified and appropriately licensed to undertake the work.”

“If they cannot produce their licence or evidence of their licence number, do not engage in any work with them, the best way to avoid this happening is to use a Master Plumber,” he said.

“Master Plumbers are appropriately licensed and abide by a code of conduct that helps to ensure consumers have that extra level of protection.”

It is also important to note that if regulated plumbing or gasfitting work is conducted by an unlicensed person, any resulting damages, incorrect work or accidents may not be covered under your insurance policy. It could end up being an extremely costly exercise and leave you out of pocket, something that is definitely not what families are prepared for during the Christmas period.

If the potential additional cost is not enough of a deterrent to using an unlicensed person to do plumbing work, one final issue to consider is the potential harm that dodgy plumbing can cause to the health and safety of you and your family. Potentially harmful contamination can occur to your drinking water when correct Australian plumbing standards are not adhered to. This can even have a flow on effect to the water in surrounding properties.

So how do you find a local Master Plumber? MPAQ offers an easy solution for consumers to find a Master Plumber with a search engine on their website (www.mpaq.com.au/find-a-plumber). You can choose a location and the type of work required to find someone in your area who specialises in the work you need carried out. If you’re ever unsure, contact MPAQ on 07 3273 0800.