Plan to make the best use of technology in your business

More often than not, antiquated technology will hold your business back because it bottlenecks your potential.

Perhaps your computers are too slow and this is causing you to spend too long submitting forms to the local government or generating invoices. Maybe you have an admin person who can’t get updated job information to you because you’re on a call.

Whatever the reason, it’s never been easier to access affordable technology while building your business. When implemented correctly, technology can completely transform your business – imagine being more responsive to the market and your client needs without staying up until midnight every night!

When you’re reviewing your technology, there are a few questions you should be asking yourself (and your staff):

  1. What management information and other IT systems do you have in place?
  2. Will these systems cater for any proposed expansion?
  3. Will they really make a difference to the quality of products or services your business provides? If they don’t, can you change them to make sure they do?
  4. Do you make best use of technology such as wireless networking and tablets to allow for more flexible working?



Sometimes it feels like any piece of technology you buy becomes obsolete the second you pay for it. If you’re trying to strengthen your business’s revenue, it’s important to invest your dollars wisely, which means not paying for things you don’t need.

Quick Tip
Check that the programs you want to use will be compatible with any new devices you purchase. It could be a costly experience if your programs don’t work on your fancy new computers or tablets!

A simple computer and mobile device upgrade will make the world of difference for you and your business. Ensure the office computers have the speed your staff need to get their job done.
Give your technicians the mobile phone or tablet that will help them and not hinder them.


Instead of buying printers, scanners and copiers, many businesses opt for all-in-one units. Unfortunately, these can be costly and they quickly become outdated. So what do you do?
You can lease an all-in-one and opt to get a new unit every couple of years. This will keep your biggest piece of office equipment current without having to go shopping every couple of years.

Update Your Operating System

Today, it’s slightly easier to keep your operating system (O/S) updated on each of your devices. Both Microsoft and Apple push O/S updates to end user devices, as long as they have a machine that can handle the software. Make a point to regularly check each of your devices, including smartphones and tablets, to make sure you’re running the latest version of the operating system.

Even missing a few updates can leave your equipment vulnerable to an attack, which puts your entire network at risk. By keeping your software as up-to-date as possible, you may be able to stave off a devastating data breach.

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