Media Release: Australian plumbing industry to benefit from a grant to boost small business digital capabilities

Master Plumbers Australia and New Zealand is one of 15 industry associations that will each receive an Australian Federal Government grant to provide their members with ‘trusted digital advisory services’.

The Association will receive the grant over a two-year period through the Small Business Digital Champions Project, which is an initiative of the Department of Jobs and Small Business.

The project’s aim is to inspire small businesses to improve their digital capabilities and learn about the latest trends in areas such as hardware, software, web content development, digital marketing and cyber security.

“We are proud to be chosen after a competitive application process,” said Robert Pearshouse, the Association’s Chairman. “The grant will enable us to give our members knowledge that’s essential in business today. As small business owners who are often time poor, many of them are reaching out for trustworthy advice about all aspects of digital technology.”

Mr Pearshouse added, “The plumbing industry is at the front line of public health and safety because of our role in ensuring the delivery of clean drinking water and the proper disposal of waste. Everything our members do must be ‘best practice’ and this grant will help them achieve that.”